Casa Decor is one of the great decorative events of the season. Each year, we look forward to see the impressive space which presents decorative trends. In other words: in deco planet, you're nobody if you do not go to the House, as they say among the usual. There we were soaking up patterns, textures and many, many ideas, of course!

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TRENDS FIVE unmissable HOME DECOR 2017

25 years of Casa Decor (25 years and 52 editions) are celebrated with a bold, eclectic and very colorful edition. A quarter century is not met every day, so Casa Decor has opted this year for building stately homes, built in 1900, example of the typical Madrid bourgeois architecture of the early twentieth century, a beauty and just stand to see its structure we love.

But let's be practical, that we are here a lot, and take note (to start) five trends that, or yes, you will see everywhere.


1. takes mix

It's not new, but is seen to be a trend that is here to stay. We mix old and new, which we inherited from the family and groundbreaking. In this commemorative edition of its 25 years, Casa Decor is a step in this line and also joins with new promises enshrined interior decoration. Patricia Urquiola, Erico Navazo, the sisters Carrillo, Patricia Bustos de la Torre, Asun Antó or Lluïsa Deulonder are some of the names that we will run.

2. Our love is blue

The star of the season is blue in all its color range. Are you more of a powerful and elegant blue oil? Or do you strip more delicate, more blue "sky Madrid"? Well do not worry, there for everyone. We had already advanced in the cabinet, but Casa Decor confirmed.


3. Flores, we want flowers

You goodbye to boredom, hello joy in our hearts and our classrooms. Not only blue is the master of the most stylish deco, but the green, botanical motifs and natural elements (branches, flowers, leaves) remain as one of the most beloved decorative resources by interior designers. You may not want a whole room like the photo, but how about just a poof, wallpaper or some details? We are very supportive of this trend!

4. Never lose glamor, please

The golden tones encourage you to get your sumptuous side. If you just want a point, put it on cushions, upholstery and any parts. Silver and copper and metallic effects are also present in this House Decor. The marble is unstoppable, like velvets and silks, used profusely. The deco sexier! If you do not want to go so far, you will see a bold yellow and mustard as good complementary colors.


5. A point nostalgic

Good news for lovers of vintage and deconostalgia. Retro stays and Casa Decor see much Mid Century style (very Mad Men, go), much evocation of the golden years of Hollywood with some Art Deco furniture, accessories and colors.

Gallery, 20 photos
TRENDS FIVE unmissable HOME DECOR 2017

What space do you prefer? This year the Audience Award for the most voted of Casa Decor space has been this: "The lounge reader"Of Asun Antó.


A cozy lounge with seating area and separated by an iron railing of the early twentieth century backlit library. It is a warm and elegant space, inviting you to enjoy the good habit of reading and, to us, also we love it!

Casa Decor 2017

Where: Street Antonio Maura, 8 (Barrio Los Jeronimos), Madrid

When: Until June 18, 2017